Make sprouts in just ONE day!



Why buying! If you can make Sprouts in the comfort of your home, without any extra effort and time. Choose a protein-packed breakfast option every day.

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Sprouting is a process of germinating the leguminous seeds and consuming it raw or cooked. It can be easily done at home without any hassle. Sprouting actually reduces anti-nutritional components of raw legumes, like cooking. The germination process takes a few days and can be done at home manually. These are germinated seeds of legumes or grains which are full of rejuvenating and health-promoting qualities. Hence, almost all legumes sprouts are packed with adequate protein and calcium.

Since there are multiple benefits of consuming sprouts in breakfast, therefore it can be included as a side dish for various meals of the day like lunch or dinner as well. Also, Salads as appetizers are extremely healthy and therefore when salads are prepared by using sprouts; the nutritional value of salads increase manifolds

I will be discussing here regarding preparing sprouts in a day! as it will give us a quick way of including proteinaceous legumes every day. Different legumes have different advantages. While I have used mung beans, green chickpeas, and peanuts for sprouting at home, you can rather opt for almost any legumes or grains like alfalfa, sunflower, soya beans, black beans, fenugreek, Brussels sprout etc.

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         *Mung bean sprouts (330 calories) 

        *Green Chickpea/ gram(160 calories

        *Peanuts (166 calories)- 


let’s discuss few benefits here:       

  1. Metabolism regulator.
  2. Cholesterol controller.
  3. Bone Strength enhancer.
  4. Used as slimming food.
  5. regulation of blood pressure.
  6. Proliferate mental focus and alertness.
  7. Anti-cancerous benefits.
  8. Detoxification of Body impurities.
  9. Natural source of Vitamin K, A, E, C, Sodium, fibre.
  10. Anti-ageing properties and also contributes the or radiance of skin and hair.
  11. Maintain a balance between acidity and alkalinity.
  12. Enhances the digestibility and thus make it the superb food.
  13. Sprouts are fresh and entirely living food. They are easily digestible, assimilated easily and provide quick energy.
  14. Provides essential fatty acids and minerals.
  15. Diet Friendly.

Method of sprout making:- 

if we talk about the sprout making process is an extremely simple and takes no effort but your little time, also it is very cost effective so it can be prepared by everyone.


  1. Large bowl
  2. Sieve
  3. Legumes of your choice
  4. Water

Steps to be followed:

  1. First of all, take out your legumes or grains (depending on your choice) in a large bowl.
  2. Later clean all the legumes thoroughly to be sprouted, in order to remove any dirt or impurities.
  3. Soak each of the legumes in a different bowl. (as each seed has different soaking time, therefore you don’t want to compromise with the natural taste due to excess soaking)
  4. Keep it covered with a lid on for overnight.
  5. Furthermore, Next day, thoroughly rinse all the seeds together once again and spread them over a sieve making a uniform thin layer.
  6. Finally, place a lid over the sieve and keep it in a warm place for a day (24 hours).
  7.  And, in the end, you get fresh, crunchy, proteinaceous and delicious sprouts all by yourself.
  8. It can be utilized as a salad, side dish or stir-fried way.

Enjoy Sprouting!

Let me know how you came up with this. Also, share your way of consuming sprouted legumes. I hope you will enjoy making this almost as much as I did.

Bon Appetite!!

PS:- I have used this sieve for sprouting:-

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You can also use a SPROUT MAKER for this purpose as it gives the similar result in few days :




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