Organize your Kitchen & Cut Down Your Calories Effectively!

organise your kitchen
organise your kitchen


Yes, the place where we cook our food. If the kitchen is disorganised or full of clutter, then it can definitely affect our health and mind.

So, organise your kitchen and cut down your calories effectively!

According to a research, published in The Journal of the environment and behaviour, it was found that a disorganised or cluttered kitchen leads to overindulgence towards food by women which certainly is more than the required amount, which causes an unexpected weight gain, moreover, you may not even know the reason behind the weight imbalance, hence you won’t be able to do much about it.

If you wish to not gain unnecessary weight and stay fit & healthy then learn to systematize or arrange your kitchen!!

First of all, take care of the Refrigerator, which is always filled with tempting calories. Place different coloured stickers and graphics of food along with fat, fibre, and carbs content, which will constantly draw your attention to the types of food you DO NOT want to eat. This technique may help you a lot in losing that extra weight. It is believed that if our kitchen is clean and hygienic then we are more inclined towards healthy eating.

According to dietician Paul Salter, and various studies in this field reveals that if we do not have clean space in our kitchen then psychologically we lose our focus from eating healthy by ordering food from restaurants and hotels (Nobody likes a dirty workplace, it’s too distracting). This proves that a messy kitchen may affect your food options, which is the reason for your unexplained weight gain.

Organise your spices (label them in clean containers), fruits, vegetables, and other grocery items, so that whenever you are in the mood to cook, then you can just go to the kitchen and start away without panicking about the fact “where have you kept what” (its a mood killer).

Organise kitchen and Start Today!!

Extra tip for weight loss:- Including 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds with lukewarm water at night allows you to lose 3 times more fat than usual.




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