indian Fritter recipe- hari mirch pakoda

Indian Fritters- Hari Mirch ke Pakode/ Green Chili Fritters

Print Indian Fritters- Hari Mirch Ke pakode/ Green Chili Fritters Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 15 mins Total Time 25 mins   Indian fritters- Hari Mirch Pakoda or green chilli fritters are an excellent evening snack option if you are not watching your weight.It’s extremely easy and delicious Indian recipe. Also its a very […]

methi recipes

Aloo Methi Dry

Greens are not on everybody’s favourite list. But when you know how to make it the right way, I bet nobody will be able to resist it. let’s see how I do it here to make my family stick to the greens happily. Ingredients: Methi ka saag/ fenugreek leaves- 1/2kg (thoroughly cleaned and chopped coarsely) Potatoes    […]

microwave rice cooking

Jeera Rice in Microwave

Microwave Rice cooking!! The easiest of all. However, when we hear microwave, we are intimidated by its technicalities, like what must be the right temperature to cook, the correct time setting for a perfectly cooked food. Out of all microwave dishes, this jeera rice is extremely simple to try. It’s obviously as yummy and flavourful […]

potato recipes- garlicky potatoes

Potato Recipes- Garlicky Potatoes

Print Potato recipes- Garlicky potatoes Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 15 mins Total Time 25 mins   Potato recipes- Garlicky potatoes Some Potato Recipes have always been My saviour dishes. When nothing strikes my mind regarding what to cook, I go for these flavourful and incredibly simple yet stunning garlicky potatoes. Without delay let’s […]

Besan ki roti/ Bengal-gram flour Flatbread

Besan ki roti is one of the oldest forms of traditional cooking. It’s still loved and cherished by many people across the country. It’s an easy yet superbly delicious recipe. You can accompany it with any vegetable stew or non- veg curries. You can never get over with its earthy and flavourful aroma n taste […]

Incredible Pav Bhaji and Choley Bhature

Visited Ruchi Sagar, Forum Mall, Bangalore. Definitely try this awesome Pav Bhaji and Choley Bhature. They have this amazing tendency to leave your pallate wanting for more every single time.

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